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Waterpik Ultra Plus Water Flosser Review

If healthy teeth and gums are important to you, a Waterpik Ultra Plus Water Flosser should be part of your dental care. Waterpik is the #1 recommended water flosser by dental professionals and is accepted by the American Dental Association. Waterpik water flossers are clinically proven to be more effective than traditional dental floss.


The Waterpik WP-100 offers a covered tank that stays cleaner than an open tank, is attractive enough to be left on your bathroom counter and is quieter than previous models. Store the six tips safely in the tank lid. The 22oz of warm water provides 90 seconds of cleaning for teeth, gums, braces, implants, crowns, bridges and veneers. Depending on your tooth sensitivity, you can pick one of 10 pressure settings that will help you dental health improve.

The Waterpik Ultra is easy to clean and the Waterpik WP-100 reservoir valve is easy to replace.

Waterpick Ultra Plus Water Flosser


Item Weight 1.48 pounds
Product Dimensions 9.9” x 5.6” x 5.3”
Material Plastic
Capacity 22 oz (600 ml)
Color Black, blue, purple, white
Warranty 3 year
Included Components Waterpik Ultra Water Flosser,6 tips, documentation

Our Review

The Waterpik Ultra earns rave reviews from practically everyone. Many people feel that the Waterpik has improved their dental health with regular use. Because it takes less than a minute to use the flosser, many people will water floss over dental floss every day. People also praise how well the Waterpik cleans out crevices. Adding a touch of water to your Waterpik will keep your breath feel as clean as your mouth!

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