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Magic Chef Portable Laundry Dryer Review

If you need a tiny dryer to use in an apartment, tiny house, or RV, check out the Magic Chef 1.5 cu. ft. Compact Electric Dryer (MCSDRY15W). This front-loading dryer can handle up to 5.5 lbs of wet clothes and fits on your countertop. Installation is simple – just plug and go.

Magic Chef Compact Electric MCSDRY15W 1.5 cu. ft. Laundry Dryer, White


The Magic Chef Portable Dryer is built from steel and has a stainless-steel tub that won’t rust. The 1/5 cubic foot capacity can hold up to 5.5 pounds of laundry. Since it is front loading, it fits almost anywhere and is easy to load and unload. The front door has a see-through window. The lint filter is easy to access and clean.

The compact dryer can stand alone or be mounted on a wall. Assembly is fairly simple and requires no special tools.

The dryer has three 3 temperature settings and an anti-wrinkle option. There are also four timer options.

The Magic Chef Portable Dryer comes with a 1-year warranty. It works off 120-volt (standard household current) and draws 15-amps. This means you may not be able to run your compact dryer and another item off the same breaker. Homes generally come with 15- and 20-amp circuits, so make sure you are using the correct plug.

If you are worried about how much electricity a dryer uses per load, don’t be. Experts estimate that a standard dryer costs about 45 cents a load. Compact electric dryers probably use less.

Magic Chef Dryer Features

Item Weight 38 pounds
Product Dimensions 16.1 x 19.5 x 23.8 inches
Capacity 1.5 cubic feet
Color White
Included Components Wall Mounting Kit, Legs (4), Lint Filter, Air Intake Filter, Manual

Our Review

Magic Chef dryer reviews are generally very positive. The lint filters win rave reviews for the ease of access. Since cleaning the lint filter is extremely important, this is a very necessary feature. People who purchased both a small washer and the Magic Chef portable dryer like the fact that the loads are the same size.

The Magic Chef is fairly quiet and takes between 60 and 70 minutes to dry a load. People love the dryer’s usefulness is fluffing towels and taking out wrinkles.

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